Heritage is renowned for its unparalleled functionality. 74 qualities in black, brown, red, blue and green offer a perfect choice for timeless, solid projects. New: the style Rebel with 14 robust, charakterful colours in vintage shades of beige, brown and grey.

Heritage Serien: Rebel, Syrte, Figari, Istrana, Lipare, Macanet, MasantiPeruzzi, Algora, Megara, Merino, Orinoco, Tanarto

Heritage – Rebel

Heritage – Syrte

Heritage – Figari

Heritage – Istrana

Heritage – Lipare

Heritage – Macanet

Heritage – Masanti

Heritage – Peruzzi

Heritage – Algora

Heritage – Megara Soft

Heritage – Merino

Heritage – Orinoco

Heritage – Tanarto